Our innovation initiatives are the critical factor we believe that distinguishes RET from other firms. We have 

(a) Transforming data collection tools, digital systems using CSPro, SurveyCTO and Kobo collect.

(b) Mapping research respondents into a google map. This has been achieved with our latest final evaluation report of the project named "midwives save lives" funded by Canda Global Affairs and executed by Cuso International and TAMA in Tanzania.

(c) Developing web-based M & E computerised systems, this project is ongoing.

(d) Developing a prototype web-based project management solution, this project is ongoing. 

The picture on the left-hand side shows the pins on the google map of respondents who participated in the final evaluation project in Simiyu and Shinyanga regions. A single pin represents one respondent. This is achieved by pinning the geo-data using digital devices such as mobile phones and tablets with GPS function. This feature is very important in quality assurance as it proves that the research assistant was on the field and able to conduct an interview at the right location.

Moreover, we also collect other parameters such as start time of the interview, end time of interview and calculate the duration of the interview. We also collect the mobile number of the respondents. We usually synchronise the data on a daily basis via any of the three types of servers. FTP server, Dropbox and CSweb server. This ensures the security of the data and ability of supervisors to review the data for quality assessment. 

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