Core values

We believe in the following core values for business success;

  • Good relations and integrity with clients, our partners, and local communities.
  • Knowing our clients and quickly recognize both their needs and their wishes through discussions and case study presentations. Such as new technologies in data management and research methods.
  • We ensure our research assistant and other staff/experts follow specified research methodology assisted by self-supported guidelines, strong and shadowing supervision with the use of GPS technology
  • Research tools such as questionnaires are programmed in CSPro and tested before the survey to ensure super quality data can be obtained from survey sites.
  • Research data and reports of our clients are stored in secured servers. RET can configure specific data servers for clients and provide access as per contracts and guiding policies.
  • Data are collected with CSPro package, uploaded to the server on a daily basis and a daily report is generated by CSPro and shared to Client's representative
  • Our team is composed of experts competent in their fields and enjoy their work with a wide range of analytical tools result from our innovative spark.

Physical Address

P. O Box 24831, Sinza A
Opposite Mliman City Mall
Machungwadamu Street
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Talk to us

+255 748 487 784
+255 748 450 084
+255  679 005 113

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