Selling Software

Our company supplies Microsoft products: Microsoft Project Professional 2016 & 2019, Microsoft Visio Professional 2016 & 2019, Microsoft Office Professional 2016 & 2019, and research-based software known as Stata. Prices are reasonable and just click on our RetStore or contact us to press your order.

Data Management

We provide services to other organisations on creating a database for data collection with CSPro; we assist to collect data, we also analyse to generate useful information for decision making. Moreover, we assist other organisations to prepare data management and privacy policies. Click on the title of this article above to read more.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We help business improve projects by ensuring the entire organization is well capacitated in terms of knowledge and skills in monitoring and evaluation of their projects to deliver on the company’s objectives. Contact us we can assist to train your employees on M & E skills, prepare M&E documents, and conducting evaluations

Paperless Surveys

We transform hard copy questionnaires, checklists, forms and other quantitative data collection tools into user-friendly digital systems. The digital systems are environmentally friendly and can be used in mobile phones and tablets to collect data in remote areas. We use CSPro and Survey CTO to create high-quality data, contact us today 

Professional Training

We offer training to the public and to a specific organisation according to their needs. We design general training programs to meet the needs of the majority. However, we frequently review the course contents based on market needs. Some courses we offer include:

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