FREE Training on data analysis using Stata 17 BE


  • Stata is a general-purpose statistical software package created in 1985 by StataCorp. It is used by many businesses and academic institutions around the world. Most of its users work in research, especially in the fields of economics, sociology, political science, biomedicine, and epidemiology. Stata's capabilities include data management, statistical analysis, graphics, simulations, and custom programming.
  • RET company is registered as business consulting by the registrar of companies, Brela - Tanzania under the companies’ act of 2002 as per the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania. The company offers consultancy services on professional development training, development of paperless surveys with CSPro, project monitoring, evaluation, and selling software (Stata, Maxqda, Microsoft Project Pro, RiskyProject. Visit or to learn more

Training Objective

(NOTE: You will achieve this objective when you complete all three modules)

  • The goal of the workshop is to equip the participants with relevant knowledge and skills to manage and analyze project data effectively and be able to present findings smartly in project reports (baseline, midterm, monitoring, and end-line reports).

Training Outcomes
After completing this course, participants should be able:

Module 1 -TZS FREE

  • Getting Started with Stata, create and define project data files
  • To understand data and variable types, create variables and code them into a data entry file
  • To do data entry and mining. keying data, importing data from excel, accessing databases, and text files, Merging cases and variables between two files

Module 2 - TZS TREE

  • To perform data cleaning, manipulation, and transforming 
  • To export final data sets to other formats (excel, text, and SPSS)

Module 3 - TZS FREE

  • To perform various descriptive and inferential statistics for reporting findings.
  • To edit and format tables, graphs and export them into Microsoft word for reporting

Training Methodology and Approach

  • The training will be participatory and fully practical oriented (group works and discussions) with very limited lecturing on PowerPoint. Participants will be installed with the latest TRIAL version of Stata 17 to work in handover practical exercise with trainers

Workshop Organization and duration

  • Two half (2.5) hours session per module
  • The Training(s) will be facilitated by a highly experienced research expert and consultant from RESEARCH EXPERTS (T) LIMITED, Mr. Andrew Kagwa (0787-348005) who is the founder and Director of the firm. His CV is attached here

Targeted Applicants and Entry Qualifications

  • Researchers in different fields, Managers in various fields, in private and public organizations, Statisticians, Planning Officers, Monitoring and Evaluations Officers, Records Managers, Lecturers from Higher Learning Institutions, Staff from Government Ministries, Local Government Authorities, Regulatory Authorities, Agencies and Parastatals Organizations.
  • Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Postgraduate Diploma, Masters and Ph.D. students
  • The above applicants should have basic computer knowledge especially on Microsoft windows (folder and files management), excel and a background in statistics or mathematics will be added advantage

Training Fees - FREE Special Offer

  • Only confirmed applicants will be allowed to participate in Free Webinar
  • A link with the passcode will be sent to registered participants to join the webinar

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Event Information

Event Date 07-12-2022 4:00 pm
Event End Date 09-12-2022 7:00 pm
Capacity 100
Registered 39 [View List]
Available place 61
Cut off date 30-11-2022 11:55 pm
Cancel Registration Before Date 30-11-2022 11:59 pm
Individual Price TZS 000.00
Fixed group price TZS300,000
Created By Andrew Kagwa
Location RET-Office
Categories Data Management, Free, Webinar
Attachment Stata Brochure January 2019.pdf

Venue Information - RET-Office


Andrew Kagwa

CEO, Founder, Stata Trainer

Mr Kagwa has 10 Year experience in research, data management and project evaluation. He will train this training for all modules.

NUM First Name Last Name Registration Date Email Registration Status
1 John Nyanda 29-09-2022 Paid
2 Enock Lema 13-09-2022 Paid
4 Rehema Dilunga 02-08-2022 Paid
5 Edward Samuel Mugogo 29-07-2022 Paid
6 Oscar Lugumamu 27-07-2022 Paid
7 DAUDI KAHATANE 07-04-2022 Paid
8 Hussein Mfaume 03-04-2022 Paid
9 Tidoson Cleophace 29-03-2022 Paid
10 Mamu kitundu Matirigo 23-03-2022 Paid
11 Kurwa Guyashi 22-03-2022 Paid
12 Julius Maroro 06-02-2022 Paid
13 Zaburon Buyoya 01-12-2021 Paid
14 Evans Songa 03-09-2021 Paid
15 Jacqueline Tesha 02-09-2021 Paid
16 Asha Kamungu 31-08-2021 Paid
17 Agness Meena 25-08-2021 Paid
18 THOMAS KOSOKA 20-08-2021 Paid
19 Idrissa Ally 13-08-2021 Paid
20 Josephine Warioba 11-08-2021 Paid
21 Josephine Warioba 11-08-2021 Paid
22 Muhammad Said 11-08-2021 Paid
23 Hafidhi Akili 10-08-2021 Paid
24 Joseph Mwanyika 08-08-2021 Paid
25 Mary Temba 08-08-2021 Paid
26 Nasfat kahsa 03-08-2021 Paid
27 Sosthenes Filbert 30-07-2021 Paid
28 Moses Chisunga 19-07-2021 Paid
29 Edward Mneda 11-07-2021 Paid
30 Amedeus Alex 06-07-2021 Paid
31 Lawi Robert Nyamega 21-06-2021 Paid
32 Lawrence Gerald 19-06-2021 Paid
33 Emmanuel Njau 01-06-2021 Paid
34 Gilbert Ginono 31-05-2021 Paid
35 Angela Kileo 16-05-2021 Paid
36 Carolyne Mal 11-05-2021 Paid
37 MONICA FRANCIS 04-05-2021 Paid
38 Rehema Richard 02-05-2021 Paid
39 Waganda Charles 23-04-2021 Paid

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