Manage Projects Using MS Project Software

Manage Projects Using MS Project Software


Covid-19 Response

Covid-19 Response



Last updated: (30 June 2020)


  • We train our research team on cov19 transmission, symptoms for early treatment and isolation, prevention and how to report emergencies.
  • We provide all cov19 prevention resources (Sanitizers, masks, water and soaps) to our research team on our budgets
  • We carry all resources during field visits with us.
  • We conduct a 15 minutes introduction awareness campaign about cov19 symptoms, transmission, prevention and how to access health support to our participants or respondents
  • We use digital or paperless survey systems with android tablets and keep a separation distance of 1.5 meters between all participants (interviewees and interviewers)
  • We do offer also webinars to our clients who can't attend face-to-face training.

CSPro features for data quality

Does RET own CSPro?

No, we do not own the app or develop it but rather we use it to developed data collection applications in PCs and upload them to Android devices for data collection. The software is free to download at

What is CSPro?

The Census and Survey Processing System (CSPro) is a public domain software package developed and owned by the United States Census Bureau. Its license is a free open source. CSPro has been used by many organizations and tens of thousands of individuals for entering, editing, tabulating, and disseminating census and survey data. CSPro supports data collection on both Windows PCs and android devices (phones and tablets). The CSEntry Android App works in collaboration with the desktop version of CSPro.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

  • Updated training calendar from January to December 2021. To apply for any of these courses click here 
Tips on sampling techniques

Tips on sampling techniques


When you conduct research about a group of people, it’s rarely possible to collect data from every person in that group. Instead, you select a sample. A sample is a group of individuals who will actually participate in the research. To draw valid conclusions from your results, you have to carefully decide how you will select a sample that is representative of the group as a whole.

There are two types of sampling methods:

  • Probability sampling involves random selection, allowing you to make statistical inferences about the whole group.
  • Non-probability sampling involves non-random selection based on convenience or other criteria, allowing you to easily collect initial data.

Population vs sample

The population is the entire group that you want to draw conclusions about. The sample is the specific group of individuals that you will collect data from. The population can be defined in terms of geographical location, age, income, and many other characteristics.

Who we are

RET is a business consultancy firm registered by Brela and based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. RET is also registered as a paying tax organization by Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) as per the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania. The company started operations in Dar es Salaam in September 2015.

Our Vision: To become a competent research firm in Tanzania and to the World.

Our Mission: To deliver high-quality research products through innovation and the use of information and communication technologies.

Core values
We believe in the following core values for business success;

  • Good relations and integrity with clients, our partners, and local communities.
  • Knowing our clients and quickly recognizing both their needs and their wishes through discussions and case study presentations. Such as new technologies in data management and research methods.
  • We ensure our research assistant and other staff/experts follow specified research methodology assisted by self-supported guidelines, strong and shadowing supervision with the use of GPS technology
  • Research tools such as questionnaires are programmed in CSPro and tested before the survey to ensure super quality data can be obtained from survey sites.
  • Research data and reports of our clients are stored in secured servers. RET can configure specific data servers for clients and provide access as per contracts and guiding policies.
  • Data are collected with CSPro package, uploaded to the server on a daily basis and a daily report is generated by CSPro and shared with the Client's representative
  • Our team is composed of experts competent in their fields and enjoy their work with a wide range of analytical tools result from our innovative spark.

What does RET company offer to clients?


Organization Structure


Org Structure


Tips on estimating sample size

What is the sample size?

The sample size is a frequently-used term in statistics and market research, and one that inevitably comes up whenever you’re surveying a large population of respondents. It relates to the way research is conducted on large populations. So what is sampling, and why does sample size matter?

When you survey a large population of respondents, you’re interested in the entire group, but it’s not really possible to get answers or results from absolutely everyone. So you take a random sample of individuals that represents the population as a whole.

Practice with CSEntry CSPro App

Pictures above were captured at Geita, during the inception training to our research assistants before the start of data collection task. The pictures also show android tablets which were used to capture data during the interview. Practice with CSEntry CSPro App in android tablets can be categorised into the following topics;

Dimensions of data quality

What is data?

Data is a collection of facts, such as numbers, words, measurements, observations, or just descriptions of things. Data can also be defined as facts and statistics collected together for reference or analysis. Data are quantities, characters, or symbols on which operations are performed by a computer, which may be stored and transmitted in the form of electrical signals and recorded on magnetic, optical, or mechanical recording media. There are two types of data; namely, qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative data is descriptive information (it describes something) whereas Quantitative data is numerical information (numbers)

Tips on research methods

A research method is defined as the procedure or technique applied by the researcher to undertake research and is concerned with carrying out an experiment, tests, surveys, interviews, etc. On the other hand, research methodology is a system of methods, used scientifically for solving the research problem. Common research methods are:

  • Experiments. ...
  • Surveys. ...
  • Questionnaires. ...
  • Interviews. ...
  • Case studies. ...
  • Participant and non-participant observation. ...
  • Observational trials. ...
  • Studies using the Delphi method.

Tips for project concept note

What is a Project concept note?

A concept note is a brief outline of your proposed project. “The purpose of a concept paper, from the funding agency’s point of view, is to help applicants develop more competitive proposals and to save time by eliminating proposals that are not likely to be funded. The applicant’s purpose in developing a concept paper is to capture the interest of the funding agency and demonstrate that the idea they are proposing is worthy of further consideration (AUB 2010). Therefore, the need to write an eye-catching and very innovative concept note is very important. In most cases may not exceed 5 pages, however it depends on the client's guidelines and format provided during the bidding process.

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