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  • Market Research
  • Research Proposals
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  • Design paperless surveys
  • Capacity needs assessment
  • Capacity building
  • Data management
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Selling Software

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May 11, 2020

Our Business

Our areas of concern for business are; Public health, Food security, agriculture & nutrition Human rights, child rights, and protection Engineering, Education, and training, Economic growth and social development Malnutrition Assessment with ENA & Epi Info software Science, Technology, and Innovation Soil and Animal Science

May 11, 2020

Our new focus

Competition and demand for high-quality research products lead us to innovative methods which use technologies & environmental friendly. We are planning to deploy web-based M & E system, Web-based project management solution. We are now looking forward to using Kobo collect in one of our digital platforms for data collection. If you have a request, comment or advise drop to us via our contacts

May 11, 2020

Who we are

RET is a business consultancy firm registered by Brela and based on Dar es Saalam, Tanzania. RET is also registered as a paying tax organization by Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) as per the laws of the United Republic of Tanzania. The company started operations in Dar es Salaam in September 2015.

Everybody has something important to learn and say!!

It is our culture at RET to organize ourselves to enjoy, understand the TOR, and sett out a clear methodology for our team. The group comprises of the client, research assistants, and consultant. The aim is to make every one of us familiar with the project, understanding our responsibilities, and collect all resources required.

Our training approach is participatory and practical based to ensure knowledge and skills transformation. The team which is knowledgeable and united is likely to offer excellent quality products and or services.

We would like many research assists to join our team and learn new technologies and skills in research, M & E and data management.

Our Smart Approach

In-house Training

Our research assistants and experts get intensive training

to get familiar with the project and resources

before starting fieldwork

Field Work

We all take part in the field to collect data using recommended research methods and tools. We use CSEntry CSPro app in android tablets to collect quantitative data and voice recorders for qualitative interviews

Analytics & Reporting

We transform, manipulate, and analyze collected data using Stata & IBM SPSS for quantitative data and Maxqda for Qualitative data. Our reports are professional with super graphics and smart language

Meet Our Team

Andrew Kagwa

Andrew Kagwa

Founder & MD

Joseph Ngowi

Joseph Ngowi

Managing Director

Eliphace Sambeke

Eliphace Sambeke

Training Coordinator

Mercy John

Mercy John

Field Coordinator

What We Do

  • General Research
  • Market Research
  • Project evaluation
  • Capacity building
  • Data management
  • Design paperless data collection systems
  • Selling Software

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