Project Risks Management

Training Objective
The goal of the workshop is to equip the participants with relevant knowledge and skills to manage  projects risks effectively and be able to integrate projects risks with their mitigations into RiskyProject, analyze them and produce project reports

Training Outcomes
After completing this course, participants should be able:

Project Management

  • To define and create project in RiskyProject by task entry or importing Microsoft project file
  • To create a Risk Work Breakdown Structure (RWBS) 
  • To define and analyze common threats and opportunities affecting project schedules in relation to project task and resources (costs, work & material), 

Risky Management

  • To generate a risk register both quantitative and qualitative risks factors,
  • To rank project tasks and resources based on their risk exposure
  • To integrate risks into tasks scheduled in Gantt chart

Risky Analysis and Mitigation

  • To integrate cost and schedule risks analyses into RiskyProject using a high-performance Monte Carlo simulation engine. 
  • To calculate overall project risk exposure
  • To identify possible mitigations against calculated risks above
  • To determine efficiency of risk mitigation and response efforts using Monte Carlo analysis engine (Sensitivity Analysis).
  • Generate various reports (Risk adjusted scheduled Gantt chart, adjusted project costs)  

Training Methodology and Approach
The training will be participatory and full practical oriented (group works and discussions) with very limited lecturing on Power-Point. Participants will be installed with latest TRIAL version of RiskyProject Pro (14 days) to work in handover practical exercise with trainers

Workshop Organization and duration
For details about where and when the training will be conducted refer on "Upcoming Training" or download training calendar here. The Training will be facilitated by highly experienced research expert and consultant from RESEARCH EXPERTS (T) LIMITED, Mr. Andrew Kagwa, his CV attached here

Targeted Applicants and Entry Qualifications

  • Project Managers, Project Coordinators, Post graduate Diploma, Masters and PhD students
  • The above applicants should have basic computer knowledge especially on Microsoft windows (folder and files management), excel and background in project management will be added advantage

Required Facilities

  • Participants should come with Windows PCs only for RiskyProject Pro and Microsoft Project Pro 2019 Packages as there is NO version for MacOS

Any registered engineer who will attend this course as scheduled, is eligible to score a total of 15+ Professional Development Units [PDUs]

Training Fees

  • For Cohort 1 Evening class (Dar es Salaam) - Participation fee is TZS 300,000/=  Non-Tanzanians ($150)
  • For Cohort 2 Full time class (Zanzibar) - Participation fee is TZS 500,000/= Non-Tanzanians ($250)
  • For Cohort 3 Full time class (Dodoma) - Participation fee is TZS 400,000/= Non-Tanzanians ($200)

Pay to “RESEARCH EXPERTS OF TANZANIA” Account No. 0150396237500; CRDB at any branch-Tanzania before commencement of the course. Fee will cover installation of Trail version of STATA 15 MP/SE Software, facilitation fee, learning materials, refreshments and certificates and lunch for Cohort 2
If you need invitation letter contact us via mobile number 0675 523177 or 0787 348005, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

How to register

To enroll for the course, click on RiskyProject Application Form

Evaluation feedback
You can evaluate us for any previous course you attended here

About RiskyProject Software

  • RiskyProject supports both quantitative and quantitative Monte Carlo schedule and cost risks analyses
  • RiskyProject also has a comprehensive Risk Register, Project Risk Score 
  • Risks from risk register can be quickly linked to activities using the Drag’N’Drop risk view. Sensitivity analysis helps to rank risks within a risk register and determine crucial tasks.
  • RiskyProject includes a complete scheduling capability: you can create and modify project schedules in RiskyProject. 
  • RiskyProject seamlessly integrates with Microsoft® Project so that you can run schedule and cost risk assessments either within Microsoft® Project or effortlessly export your schedule into RiskyProject for more comprehensive risk analysis and management.
  • RiskyProject can also import schedules from other popular scheduling software. All versions of RiskyProject are also integrated with other project planning and scheduling software including Oracle Primavera, Asta PowerProject and many others.
  • RiskyProject Pricing and versions 
    • RiskyProject Professional -Download only US $999.00, Shipping US $1119.00 
    • RiskyProject Lite -Download only US $699.00, Shipping US $819.00 
    • RiskyProject Professional upgrade from earlier versions** US $399.00  
    • RiskyProject Lite upgrade from earlier versions** US $279.00  
    • RiskyProject Enterprise Contact Intaver Institute


  1. Andrew Kagwa (MEM, Bsc. ELM) 0787348005
  2. Joseph Ngowi  (MEM, Bsc. ME)  0754 978328


  1. Deogratius Samba 0675 52317

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